Physical properties testing expertise includes key physical property characteristics for a wide range of materials.

At our foundry physical properties analysis and testing is conducted by well and experienced engineers.

The facilities include the following,
(a) Universal Testing Machine - 40T - Make ASI.
(b) Metallurgical Microscope with camera.
(c) Poldi Hardness Tester.
(d) M.P.I Magnaflex - M530 Prode Type.
(e) Digital Hardness Testing Machine - make DIETMER Systems, Model D-2.
(f) Ultrasonic Testing Equipment - EES make, Model EIGI Scan Ds322. Range 1mm - 5mtr
(g) Impact Testing Machine - make Fuel Instruments Model IT-30.
(h) Specimen Preparation Machine, D/ Disk.
(i) Surface Plate and Marking Table - 2500 x 3000 mm.